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 hellfire, group want ad
played by trina
posted Mar 9 2016, 08:18 PM • • • Quote

the groupies

the wife the champion & the advisor

all names are open and while these are the preferred face claims i am open to change (just talk to me first so we can come up with agreement) but spirits are not! slight interactions between Nicaise and his advisor and his champion can be found in his application!

the wife, reserved

the champion, taken

the advisor, open


24-26, lindsey morgan, the wife

Hera, queen of the gods and ferocious wife of Zeus. While Hera does not come from the family of a great lord or any other sort of royalty, her family is considered to be one of the richest in the Spring Forest. Before the previous kings surprising passing, he betrothed his only son to Hera. The two, who had only met a couple times before, were married within a week of the old kings death.

A match made in heaven... or hell?

If there is anyone within the kingdom who is untouchable it would be Hera. She can (and does) speak her mind quite frequently and has a temper that is uncommon from Spring Forest. It's hard to tell whether she loves or hates her husband but if there is one thing she does enjoy about him it is the fact that marriage to him has made her the queen.

Hera's personality is really quite open. Is she like the mythology by being prone to jealousy for those who catch her husbands lust? Is she as cruel to their people as him? Or is she more kind and more forgiving despite her temper? Does she resent her husband for his treatment of others or does she join him? I'm honestly down for anything with this fantastic queen.


24-29, toni mahfud, the champion

Prometheus here used to be the perfect knight - he was loyal to the crown, generous, and above all honorable. He desired to follow in his fathers' footsteps and become part of the royal guard and worked extremely hard to achieve his goal at a young age. When the newly crowned king was seventeen a contest was held in order to find him a personal champion. Entering the contest would come to be one of the young knights greatest regrets.

Nicaise took a liking to the attractive knight and all but guaranteed the contest victory to Prometheus by having the final competitor poisoned before the match - the best friend of the young Prometheus. Prometheus has had a bitter hatred for the king since and the years have not made his opinion on the ruler any kinder. He has taken part in many cruel acts (including the murder of the spouses of men and women the king wishes to pursue) on Nicaise's order and as much as he wishes his king dead, his honor and loyalty refuse to allow it.

With whispers of another ruler with eyes on the throne... Prometheus is not entirely opposed with seeking them out to help.


27-32, meagan tandy, the advisor

Athena here is family to the king - distant as it may be by several marriages - and she has spent a good bit of her life looking out for her younger cousin. When he became king, he named her his advisor as she is one of the most intelligent people in his entire kingdom. She knows how to act around Nicaise, what buttons to push to get the results she desires, and is wise enough to know when to back off least she become another one of his murders.

She is generally the one who is left to clean up the mess that Nicaise has a habit of leaving in his wake, and tends to handle most of the political aspects of his crown. She is the woman behind the scenes helping to keep Primorius in check and prosperous.

Nicaise would consider her to be his best friend, his closest ally, and his most loyal subject.

Whether Athena feels the same has yet to be seen.

played by trina
posted Apr 18 2017, 09:41 PM • • • Quote
UPDATED! the wife & advisor are still open <3
played by
posted Apr 24 2017, 06:35 PM • • • Quote
I'd like to take Hera if you'd allow!
played by trina
posted Apr 24 2017, 07:34 PM • • • Quote
oh my gosh yes!! definitely! <p>

if you have any questions the easiest way to get ahold of me is through Skype: omigodtrina
played by Mina
posted Apr 29 2017, 02:13 PM • • • Quote
I have finished her and she is approved!
played by trina
posted May 1 2017, 02:18 PM • • • Quote
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