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 Summer Update!
played by sophie
posted Aug 3 2017, 07:07 PM • • • Quote
summer update!
Hello everyone! We hope that your summers are going well! (or winters, if you're in the southern hemisphere!) With all the heat being so stifling, we thought a small refresher might be nice!

After some thought, we have decided to update our application to a shipper app! Current members will be given two weeks to update their application on their own. After that, a member of the staff will update it for you. We will also be taking this time to clean up any inactive members, so if your account has not been posted on since July 1, it will be made inactive after September 4.

Check out the updated application template HERE!

We have also started a site TUMBLR and DISCORD. Feel free to check them out, chat, and reblog to your heart's content!

As for what's happening in Halcyon:

    It appears that Ulysses, the ruler of Haven, will be marrying his stolen bride soon. Only a few choice citizens will be invited, but news of his wedding is sure to spread quickly, along with the identity of his bride. What kind of drama this might cause in the kingdoms is still unforeseen.

    There have been continuing reports of a shadowy figure stalking through one of the northernmost villages of Glacia, concerning residents. Some have been whispering that it's the monster from the maze, dissatisfied with the sacrifices made to him, and is planning to take even more.

    Rumors about the king's sanity (or lack thereof) are growing, and murmurings of rebellion are starting to be heard. Are these just grumblings of angry peasants, or is there an actual threat to the king?

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