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 face claim
played by clotho, lachesis, atropos
infinitythe fatesall seeingchaos
posted Dec 24 2015, 12:01 AM • • • Quote
face claim
a, b, c, d
alejandra alonso is iris sarracenia
alex libby is cedrick pyne
alexis ren is penryn wolfe
beegee margenyte is lila ravenswood
bridget satterlee is ceira evenfall
bryce dallas howard is diantha proserpina
bryce draper is wolfgang sunderly
camilla belle is juniper gray
darla baker is raine dryah
devin paisley is sterling swyft
diana moldovan is yvaine kiska
e, f, g, h
edda oscars is amelie lovage
evandro soldati is felir voss
i, j, k, l
jacquelyn jablonski is nîkat idre
jon kortajarena is ivan volke
lana del rey is aris gyllene
landon liboiron is grimsgaard
lim kim is vevienne crosswire
Lindsey Morgan is Helena Bane
lucky blue smith is nicaise bane
m, n, o, p
maria palm is valyia fierson
maximiliano patane is ulysses kerberos
q, r, s, t, u
sean o'pry is kavin cole
sophie turner is cora proserpina
toni mahfud is jarak myatt
v, w, x, y, z

[code]<b>playby</b> is [url=link to profile]character name[/url]<br>[/*code]

[code]<b>playby</b> is reserved for <b>your name</b> until <b>00/00 (one week from now)<br>[/*code]
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