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played by clotho, lachesis, atropos
infinitythe fatesall seeingchaos
posted Dec 24 2015, 12:08 AM • • • Quote
crossed out canons are taken.
[items in brackets] are suggestions
if you intend to change the gender or spirit of a canon, please consult an admin first.
reserves last for one week.

Canons characters must have at least TWO (2) posts per month to remain active!

ruler of glacia

    the leader of glacia is not unlike the region itself--cold, distant, and a force to be reckoned with. however, when it comes to his own people, he can be known to soften, offering employment and refuge to the residents of the frozen north during hard times. however, he is responsible for keeping the wild of the waste from infiltrating halcyon, so cannot be too free with his limited resources.
    [Boreas] [45] [jason statham]

ruler of river crossing
    river crossing's ruler is known for being selfish and vain. the region is subject to his whims and fancies, which sometimes benefit them, but sometimes lead to trouble. he employs the best of the best in his service and is incredibly particular about who may grace his presence. he is the guardian of the river and either allows or forbids travelers from crossing, usually depending only on his mood. his own wealth and status is more important to him than the good of halcyon.
    [narcissus] [31] [godfrey gao]

ruler of hythe-
    the ruler of hythe has been said to be the most desirable and beautiful woman in all of halcyon; the problem is those that have seen her haven't made it back to confirm the rumors. her beauty comes with a ruthless aggression and men that come looking for her never fare well. a woman constantly shrouded by veils and legends, hythe's ruler is not to be crossed; which makes her a viable threat to the throne should she decide to spark a war for the crown.
    medusa [38] [priyanka chopra]

ruler of thunderlands
    the ruler of the thunderlands is tasked with keeping the secrets of the forge and all the technology therein. her life is somewhat secluded, as she resides deep in the forge. the thunderlands tend to be a heavily patriarchal society, and while they have had female leaders in the past, not all of the residents approve of being led by a woman--or anyone other than a strong man, no matter what their lineage.
    hephaestus [25] [neelam gill]

ruler of widow's walkway - cedrick pyne
    widow's walkway's ruler is known for being a recluse and somewhat of a mystery to those that do not know him directly. he is greatly respected for being the descendant of a well known hero of the war. his personality lacks warmth and compassion. empathy is not a top priority in the rocky mountain valley. despite for the most part being an absentee leader the ruler has a firm grasp on what the region's people are up to. he is highly protective and it's difficult for other travelers to pass through widow's walkway without being treated as suspicious.
    ares 28 alex libby

ruler of primorius - nicaise bane
    the ruler of primorius is also the de facto ruler of all of halcyon. the current king is descended from the family who took over the throne after the war. he represents a lifestyle that many in halcyon will never attain: luxury, wealth, and excess. under his rule, primorius has suffered. slums have taken over the city, only broken up by a few glittering mansions. the current ruler is blind to the problems in his region and his kingdom as a whole. he simply enjoys his seat on the throne and all of the benefits and privileges that affords him.
    [zeus] 22 lucky blue smith

ruler of spring forest
    the ruler of spring forest cares deeply for her region. she works to keep it thriving--both its people and its flora. she does not allow for over-harvesting or over-hunting, and maintains a surplus of resources, from food stores for bad harvest years, to money for those who may need assistance without the threat of loan sharks. unfortunately, her daughter has been abducted, and her location is currently unknown to the ruler; this has put a strain on her, stifling her generosity, and causing whispers of worry to being spreading through the region.
    demeter 40 [bryce dallas howard]

ruler of haven - ulysses kerberos
    the ruler of haven is about as hospitable as the desert that makes up his kingdom. he was given command over haven because no one else in line cared enough to take the throne, leaving him rather apathetic about the what happens to the people he serves. the only thing he seems to care about is getting what he feels he deserves, and since he was given the worst of the regions, he feels he deserves a lot. like with everything else, the ruler of haven took the woman he wanted, regardless of her--or anyone else's--thoughts on the matter, and now the princess of spring forest resides in the bleached-bone castle as his secret prisoner.
    hades 40 maximiliano patane

ruler of seagate
    seagate's ruler is sometimes seen as mad, but only to those unfamiliar with a life at sea. rather than live in a lavish castle or mansion, he resides in a massive ship, a relic of the war years transformed into a worthy home. it is just as imposing as he is, but once you are past the outer walls, you will find a deep personality, with its own warmth and humors.
    poseidon [44] idris elba


ruler of <b>REGION</b> is reserved for <b>ALIAS</b> until <b>00/00</b> from now
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