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 the rules
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posted Dec 22 2015, 10:24 PM • • • Quote
the rules
registration & application:

dow is on jcink premium so you are required to be at least 18 years of age before you register your characters. you are welcome to make your character as old or as young as you wish as long as they are no younger than 13. characters should be registered with their first and lastnames in either upper, lowercase or proper capitalization (ie: jason voorhees) it doesn't matter and is pretty much your preference. in the case that a character is unaware of their lastname or doesn't have one for whatever reason (maybe they're cher) just register with their firstname.
if you need a name change feel free to contact one of the admins.

once you've registered your account you may start reserving your claims and you can post your application either in the incomplete or complete forum. please bump your app once it is finished and an admin will check over your application within 24 hours. if the app goes 24 hours without anyone checking it over, you are free to bump it again. we try to be fast with apps but there's always room for error!

applications are 100% freestyle so there is no right or wrong way to write your application; you could format the app to be traditional if that's what you're more comfortable with, use character journal entries or even a roleplay sample with your character. it can be as short as 500 words or as long as 1000 words, all we are looking for is a good feel for your character's personality, how they fit their spirit, and nothing that breaks the site's setting or lore.
the mini profile is considered part of the app so before we accept your app, the mini profile must be correctly filled out as well.

you may make up to three characters without any post requirements. after then each character you make must have at least 15 posts before you can make another. however, after 10 characters, the character last created must have at least 30 posts.

face claims:

we are open to any and all faces and have only a few restrictions.

  • faces under 13 years of age are not permitted.
  • no porn related faces (porn stars, etc). while we are an 18+ site we would generally like images displayed here to be safe for work.
  • you may use some internet celebrities, such as instagram famous models and popular youtubers (rooster teeth, etc), however they must have proper high quality pictures to use for avatars and other site graphics.

we do not allow duplicate faces here (there are exceptions to this such as identical twins). you are responsible for making sure that all of your claims are up to date. if you have not claimed your face within 48 hours and someone else applies using that face, they will be given it and you will be forced to change. so it's very important and we can't stress it enough to do your claims!


these can be from any myth or folklore. if you're not sure if the spirit you want fits please ask us here.
you can use your own discretion how your character relates to their chosen spirit. some myths do not have a lot of source material or have very minor roles, in that case please try to match the general theme of the myth the best you can! we're not looking for total knowledge on mythology, just a good grasp on the concept.

activity & posting:

we're a rapid fire site with no word count. short posts are welcome and encouraged though an occasional long one is fine! we hope to achieve a relaxed atmosphere so in order to keep your characters active we require each character account to have two posts per month. any IC post either in threads, letters or games will count.

if you do not meet the posting requirement the admins will archive your character account(s) and they will be made inactive along with all your claims. you may of course take up your character(s) again by simply PMing an admin. you must repost your app as well as any claims, plot page and any other vital information for your character(s).

you do not have to use a post template for your threads but the application template is mandatory. if you chose to use a post template, please make sure it doesn't stretch the board and works correctly. there are a few provided templates on site so you don't have to go too far to find one!

want ads:

want ads can be posted 24 hours after acceptance. we're not against you requesting specific characters for yours to interact with, we'd just like to give everyone an opportunity to make some connections that are completely unexpected and new!

mature content & trigger warnings:

anything goes on dow and we do not want to suppress your creativity. that said, even though you have the freedom to explore as many taboo subjects as you wish you're expected to treat all sensitive topics with respect. you must tag all threads with appropriate warnings in the topic description. a [m] or [tw] will suffice or if there is something specific you want to warn for [tw- specific trigger here] would also be a good option. please note: the [m] tag should not be used for possibly triggering content. it can be used to mark threads with sex or other adult content. posts with triggering content MUST use [tw], even if it is not "R" rated!
this rule also applies to applications.

the admins will not hesitate to ask you to add a content warning to your thread or application if we see anything that could be potentially triggering.
if you notice something before we do or if there's something we've overlooked, lets us know right away. we want to provide a safe space for you.

conduct & cbox:

we'd like this to be a friendly and welcoming place! please treat everyone with respect and be civil. we understand that not everyone is going to get along but we ask you keep your disagreements out of the cbox. if there's anything another member is doing or saying to make you uncomfortable please come to an admin.
general rp conduct is also expected. no godmoding, forcing plots, power playing or any of that other nonsense. be a mature player and communicate with your writing partners.

the cbox is not a place to advertise or beg for posts. we do not want anyone to be left out in the cbox and if we see it happening we will not hesitate to temporary ban you. we'd like the cbox to be pretty upbeat. it's fine to complain about a hectic day of course but please do not hog all conversation.

please enjoy the site!

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